Scrap Copper Wire Recycler

Scrap Copper Wire Recycler in New York

Turn your scrap copper wire into cash by selling it to CCC Scrap, a trusted scrap copper wire recycler in New York. With the industry’s most modern and sophisticated recycling machinery, the Copper Chopper in NYC, we can safely recycle scrap copper wire and metals from your office, factory, or commercial facility with ease.

Dedicated to Protecting the Environment

We are more than just a scrap copper wire recycler; our business protects the environment by recycling scrap metal. For over 33 years, we have provided efficient and hassle-free services and competitive rates and deals so you can earn money while clearing up your property.

As a scrap metal buyer in Queens, NY, we know that recycling scrap positively impacts the environment. It helps reduce the amount of waste in landfills and conserves natural resources. Be a part of this change, and let CCC Scrap help you recycle your scrap copper wire today.

Sell Your Scrap Copper Wire to Us

Don’t let your scrap copper wire go to waste—turn to the experts at CCC Scrap for top-dollar rates and reliable recycling services. Contact us to learn more about our scrap metal buyer services in Queens, NY, and let’s join hands in protecting our planet.