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Scrap metal, like copper, can be bought and turned into new products. In this manner, harmful environmental activities for sourcing new materials are avoided. Sell your scrap metal to CCC Scrap; we are a trusted copper buyer in Queens, NY.

The world’s landfills can only hold a certain amount of waste. You can help prevent scrap metal from ending up in landfills by selling it instead of throwing it in the trash. Aside from its environmental benefits, scrap selling can also be a great way of earning money.

Why Choose Us?

CCC Scrap is a scrap buyer that provides metal and electronic scrap recycling services. By recycling scrap, we consider our work a method of protecting the environment. As a dedicated copper buyer in Queens, NY, we aim to change the world by turning waste into valuable, reusable materials.

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Regardless of size or age, copper scrap can be recycled. To ensure your scrap is recycled correctly, you should sell it to a dependable copper buyer in Queens, NY. CCC Scrap is the top scrapyard and the only insulated copper wire buyer you can trust. Get in touch with our team for more information about our services. We look forward to hearing from you.