No Residential Pickup. Only Commercial Pickup for Truck Load.


No Residential

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Only Construction Site Or Commercial Truck Load Pick Up Service.

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Richelle Jhonathon

I am really happy with the work of CCC Scrap team. They work in a well-organized and tidy manner without bothering their clients. It is also prominent for paying best value for all the metallic scrap.

Jane Michelle

CCC Scrap team is doing an incredible job by recycling metallic scrap into many useful products. You guys have long way to go. All the best

Ronnie Slvester

CCC Scrap is honest with its promises thereby rendering true worth of metallic scrap. Although I had previous encounters with other scarp sellers too, but I found CCC Scrap better than the rest. You guys have way to go.

James Felvert

CCC Scrap team is actually very helpful in rendering information to its customers via the toll-free and help line services. CCC Scrap is way too polite in its mannerism and working etiquettes and thereby is among the best in its industry.

Serine Wollerne

CCC Scrap team works effectively with respect to its customer’s flexibility. They are way too quick with their work and leave the place clean and tidy. I simply love their work. CCC Scrap work harder as sky is the limit for you.

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