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Only Construction Site Or Commercial Truck Load Pick Up Service.

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Foot Forward In Saving Our Mother Nature- Say No To Scrap Piling

CCCScrap is amongst the leader in the metallic scrap buying industry. We have been reining this industry since 25 years and are proud to have a large and loyal clientele, which is growing because of our hard work and dedication towards our customers. We are among the top National Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling Services in US and it’s the support of our clients, which has led us to this top spot. CCCScrap has made its name because it believes in delivering true value for metallic scrap, which is our USP.

CCCScrap is among the most reputed scrap buyers in New York City. It is widely prominent for its highly professional and eco-friendly mannerism of recycling of scrap metals in New York City. It offers great price for metallic morsel and is prominent for its professional working mannerisms, convenience and easy-going way of work. CCCScrap has been reigning its scrap industry because of the quality of work it offers and is also enjoying large and loyal clientele.

CCCScrap is Prominent because:

  • Its quick and effective
  • Delivers true value of metallic scrap
  • Works in a synchronizing and dedicated manner
  • It is very swift and time-saving

CCCScrap works with some of the largest processors in the US and can handle clients at any hour of the day. So, if you’re thinking to dispose your ferrous scrap or non-ferrous scrap, Dial@ +1-718-297-6200 to avail our services.

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