No Residential Pickup. Only Commercial Pickup for Truck Load.


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Only Construction Site Or Commercial Truck Load Pick Up Service.

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Industries Can Earn More With Its Scrap

CCCScrap offers Industrial Scrap Recycling Services to the people in New York. For the past 25 years, we have played an active role in recycling the industrial clutter in a most significant way, which has later been highly beneficial for our environment. We are one of the most trusted scrap dealers in New York City; it’s our hard work and the trust of our clients that has kept us going all through. We have been active in industry for 25 years; we know what it takes to manage and recycle scrap and how to make the best out of it. We work while having a close watch over the after affects on our environment as we are solely responsible for any hazard that has been initialized by us.

Equipped with the industry’s most professional and advanced technology, we deliver service beyond your expectations. Now you don’t have to worry about the tons of industrial scrap cluttered in your backyard, the experts are here to resolve the matter in a most clean and green way. We work on the concept of eco-friendly technology thereby we assure not to harm our dearest Mother Nature by any means.

Recycling is the need of the century; it is not for us alone, but for our next generations. It is time to be sensible and sensitive towards the environment and human life and learn to deal with junk, especially industrial junk that too in a fruitful manner.

CCCScrap has earned respect because of the quality of output we produce and not only that but also of the value that we deliver in return of the Electronic Scrap Metals. We are the true value givers for all kinds of metallic scrap; one can seek the entire market and then can trust our words.

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