No Residential Pickup. Only Commercial Pickup for Truck Load.


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Only Construction Site Or Commercial Truck Load Pick Up Service.

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Mend Your Scrap in most Lucrative Manner

Recycle The Metal Before It Starts Harming The Environment And Affecting Our Lives.

Wondering how you can get rid of all the ferrous scrap cluttered in your factory, yard, home, or garage? Then here is a solution for you. CCC Scrap, one of the leading scrap yards in New York City is equipped with the latest technology in recycling scrap metal. We can help you in making a decent amount of money by selling us your ferrous scrap. We recycle it and make it suitable for various purposes. In short, the market of recycled metal is booming, and you can make money recycling with CCC Scrap. The demand for ferrous scrap is high. Scrap Metal Buyers are looking for ferrous scrap and they pay high prices to the scrap seller.

CCCScrap is among the most reputed Ferrous Scrap Buyers in New York City as it offers great price for metallic morsel and is prominent for its professional working mannerisms. We just await a call from our customers and post that we take charge of the rest to follow. It is among the favorable metallic waste buyers because it doesn’t bother its customers and work in a quick and swift manner. One more feature that makes CCCScrap stands out amongst rest of the scrap buyers in New York, is collection of ferrous scrap.

Sell us your ferrous scrap at a good price and indulge in our after benefits.

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