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Only Construction Site Or Commercial Truck Load Pick Up Service.

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We at CCC Scrap understand the value of your precious metals. Of course, that may be worthless thing for you, but you are offering a business deal to us. As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, we add feathers in your success cap with every deal, you made with us. Our Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling services are world class and add tons of satisfaction at both ends. No issues, if you are having heavy mechanical setup to be transited. We have a vast setup with heavy and powerful lifters, loaders, cutters and many other required small or big tools to cater for our requirements. We are having potential to load, carry and unload the commercial metal for best recycling. Our fleet has a variety of trucks and trailers to carry even toughest mounds of scrap.

We buy all kinds of metal scrap, irrespective of ferrous and non-ferrous. We have certification from official machinery to recycle all kind of metal scraps. No matters, if you are having commercial scrap from left over of production units, ruins of any industrial setup, defective products which were converted into scrap, abandoned machinery even after prolonged usages. All kinds of metals are accepted at our yard.

We have a core team of employees having potential to recycle the scrap and produce a better quality of recycled raw material. We ensure that destruction and re cycling of every metal scrap is done as per the rules framed by government. Our incorporation permits us to deal with recycling as we have a huge social responsibility to maintain our ecology clean. At CCC Scrap, we understand that big number of industries are there, who always need recycled raw material. We provide the same to the companies located even at abroad too. Not only buying, we also provide you a certificate that your item has been bought by us and destroyed as per prevailing norms.

Undermentioned metal scraps are welcomed at CCC Scrap:-

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Wires (Electrical or of Computers, Telephone etc)
  • Stainless
  • Metals Cans
  • Batteries
  • Electronic Scrap
  • Printer Cartridges

For detailed information on the products, we buy, you need to visit our official website.
Our prolonged indulgence in this field has cemented our seat as well as supported people with best price against their worst metallic things. Don’t think more than what things you need to recycle. Let think us and just sell your commercial scrap metals for a better recycled raw material. You don’t know that your scrap would be coming in the form of any new gadget in your house.

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