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Having copper scrap? Get best ever price and also participate in ecology saving!

CCC Scrap offers you a big chance to sell your coppers scrap at best ever price. No doubt, the present scenario has made huge copper scrap accumulated with you.  Re-wiring of your existing house or commercial installation and frequent usage of electrical and electronic gadgets that have copper made components is the reasons of accumulation of copper scrap.  We buy Copper Scrap in the following manner:-

Shape 1 copper scrap: This covers the copper pipes that are without any solder or coating of paint.

Shape 2 copper scrap:  Such copper pipes are having solder and painting too.  Obviously we pay a little lower for the same as it creates hampering during re-cycling. .

Shape 1 insulated scrap:  Such electrical wire are loaded with better insulation and have strands of copper.

Shape 2 insulated scrap:  In this category, we add all the cables and cords used in computers, phones like Cat4, cat5 and Cat6 cable. These cables have very thinner strands even less than a 12 AWG wire.

Segregation of rubber and copper is costlier and time taking job too.

Radiator:  For your information, only Fins of the radiators are made of copper and remaining complete body is made of brass.

Pricing: Now, you need to sell it out but confused that whether you will get suitable price or not.  For best and updated price, you need to visit our website and make contact.  Our services are pointed for every one irrespective of commercial or individual. If you are an individual, you will have to take your load till the yard location.   Many individual scrap buyers are there but they don’t provide better pricing because they need to resale the same at bigger scrap yards.

We deduct the price as per the level of corrosion in your supplies, but still pay the best on spot cash rather than other copper scrap buying companies of New York.   Remaining ferrous scrap like steel, brass and aluminum are also in our priority but we focus on copper scrap in first look.  Enjoy the best price at our end!!!!

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