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If You Have Scrap Copper With You, You are Too Wealthy!

We all love to buy antiques, don’t we? Especially because of the gold like finishing and the color, right? Well, have you ever thought that mostly the antiques are made up of copper? Yes, it’s copper, which is currently hovering the market with its beauty and high attraction point.

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Everything and everyone has a particular age, post which things and people precede to dullness. Once these antiques reach their saturation point, they are treated as scrap. This is one of the biggest reasons for the sudden increase of Scrap Copper in USA, which actually is an issue to think about.

Scrap Copper, an issue; what to do?

If you have tons or few pieces of scrap copper with you then all you need to do is just collect them together and look out for Scrap Buyers in New York. These scarp buyers buy all kinds of scrap from sellers in change for great Dollars and recycle them to productive items for our future. So, if you have scrap with you and want to sell it; Get a Quote.

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Coolest way to dispose scrap is by recycling scrap copper

Be it our homes or offices we do have lots of junk copper; it may be in form of scrap antiques or Scrap Copper Wire in USA. You are just one step away from scraping them away by selling it to scrap buyers. These scrap buyers recycle this copper morsel in order to get more refined copper.  Recycling copper takes a few steps, read below:


Scrap Copper Wire in USA





  • Collecting the entire copper morsel together
  • Segregating the copper morsel as their levels of purity and other parameters
  • Melting them to higher levels
  • Another process called electrolysis is used to get higher levels of purity
  • This molten copper is collected and is segregated to various industries
  • This copper is then used for the formation of new products

Henceforth, if you choose scrap buyers for your scrap, you are benefiting the environment and the ecosystem by spreading the message of Go Green!

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